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Carlsberg – If Carlsberg Did #YourMum

Successfully ‘launching’ the most left-field beer occasion of all time.

Beer marketing is predictable – football, Christmas and sunny weekends are all expected advertising moments. But they’re boring. And achieve limited standout.

So we looked at a new occasion which would give Carlsberg prominence, and where our male target has a view: Mother’s Day. But having relaunched “If Carlsberg Did…”, would this be too much of a stretch?

Understanding that men are better versed at dissing other people’s mums than complimenting their own, we turned classic and sometimes lewd ‘your mum’ jokes on their head with ‘If Carlsberg Did #YourMum’. We produced a short film featuring ad-lib comedians Lloyd Griffith and Tom Davis doing battle with their version of ‘your mum’ insults over a pint in the Mother’s Arms pub. Delivering lines like, “Your mum is massive… I mean she’s got like, 30? 35,000 followers on Pinterest?” and “Your mum is so fit… from all the running and exercise she does.” Thus celebrating mums in a way that would be enjoyed and shared.

How #YourMum brought big smiles to Carlsberg.

Over 12 million people engaged with this content in one day, spreading it across earned media – from the Daily Mirror to the Huffington Post. You can check out the extended version below.

This campaign formed part of the Carlsberg ‘Newsroom’, the world’s most awarded social marketing initiative in both 2015 and 2016.


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