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San Miguel – Tweet To Fill

Out-of-the-bar thinking.

To mark San Miguel’s 125 year anniversary, we commissioned limited edition, hand-illustrated glassware. Each chalice depicted San Miguel’s voyage across continents, through revolutions and wars. However, with an unusual number of new premium beers competing for trade space in 2015, San Miguel didn’t have access to key, influential bars and their chic clientele. Nor was the brand front of mind for London’s spoilt-for-choice drinkers.

The British Summer means the inside of bars are empty, while the streets around them are filled with people enjoying cold beers in the evening sun. We saw an opportunity to do something bold and unexpected.

How audiences became part of the San Miguel story.

To reflect San Miguel’s 125 year journey, we launched a stunt that featured a 4m high version of the chalice touring London. We invited Londoners to “Tweet To Fill” the chalice. Filling the glass with more beer every time someone used #sanmiguelchalice.

The high visibility of the stunt led to awareness of the brand’s positioning ‘The best is yet to come’. And led to 100,000 Limited Edition chalices being distributed to 72 San Miguel pubs, bars and restaurants in the expectation that they would be stolen. Prized souvenirs for our disposable lifestyle audience.

Twitter functioned as the social hub with the chance to win trips to Madrid. The campaign delivered 2.11 million impressions via Twitter.

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